About Hospital Flooring

If you’re opening a new facility in the healthcare industry, it’s important to make sure it’s as sanitary and safe as possible. There’s no sense running the risk of already-injured patients or functioning members of your staff slipping and falling while moving about. And there’s hardly anything worse than the spread of disease as a result of unsanitary floors. That’s why healthcare facilities have specific requirements when it comes to their flooring, and why you should consider getting epoxy coatings.

Hospitals see thousands of patients a day and require quality floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. With expansive surface areas, hospital floors are a crucial design element when it comes to the quality environment and successful operation of any healthcare facility.

Appropriate flooring for a hospital must meet strict health code requirements as well as create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for a large, professional staff, patients and their families.

Hospital facility executives have the responsibility of selecting the best flooring system that will promote patient and staff safety, perform within hygiene and infection control protocols, improve patient experience and contribute to successful outcomes, reduce maintenance costs and offer a long usable life.

The benefits of our healthcare & medical flooring systems include:

  • Seamless floor surfaces that supportsrigorous hygiene protocols
  • Easy to clean with no waxing
  • EPA-registered antimicrobial properties available
  • Integral cove base and wall system options
  • Betadine stain resistant topcoats available
  • Puncture resistant formulas
  • Resistant to solvents, cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
  • Slip-resistant and safe

Some view of hospital flooring

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